Quicksand Report


Visitor stats are doubling thanks to your spreading the word about Danger – Quicksand: An Unconventional Guide to Surviving Corporate Employment.

Even more encouraging is the number of downloads. Over 200 people downloaded Danger – Quicksand during the first 30 hours.

UPDATE: More than 500 downloads in the first week. Thanks!

Watching the power of blogs in action is an amazing experience even though I write about it all the time. Thank you for your continuing support!

I am working on getting a paperback version out in the next thirty days. The price will be $19.95, and for the first 500 copies, I will personally sign and inscribe an appropriately encouraging message to whomever you request, and I will include FREE SHIPPING. Ordering details to follow.

My marketing at this point is very basic:

If you know someone who has gotten fired – have them buy this book!

If you know someone who is worried about being fired – have them buy this book.

And for the other 18 percent who are happy in their jobs – have them buy this book and put it away for a day when their cubicle starts tilting toward the exit.

Meanwhile, feel free to download the book and use it. I still have server capacity to spare. If you have any problems, or better yet, any success stories, please let me know. I’ll include them in the final book. One more thing, I have updated the download so it shows the page size of the finished book.

Keep those cards and letters coming….. 🙂


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  1. Blog postings definitely spread the word quickly! of course, having a high quality book like Corporate Quicksand really helps! 🙂

  2. fred1st says:

    Great looking slope on that growing Sitemeter mountain there, Dave. I appreciate your experiences in the book marketing for many reasons, some of them selfish: one day, there will be a Fragments book and I’ll know who to ask about the do’s and don’ts.

    Hope the do’s keep coming for you and expect this will be the case; and trust that success will be as exhilirating as the journey has been!

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