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I wrote an article recently about Royal Camera’s bait and switch tactics. Since then, I have been getting constant hits from Google with Royal Camera as the search words.

UPDATE: Add CCI Camera City
Inc., 342 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11223 to your list of online
camera shops to avoid. CCI has the same address as Royal Camera!

If you Google "CCI Camera City problems", you will find the same list
of bait and switch complaints and grey market product complaints that
Royal Camera is known for.

Out of curiosity, I Googled Royal Camera again to see where my comments were ranked. This is a complete change from several weeks ago when sites praising Royal Camera dominated the search results.

Would you buy from Royal Camera, if this came up on your search? Would you want to work for Royal Camera if you saw these results on your search?  (added emphasis is mine)

Web  Results 1 – 10 of about 4,590,000 for Royal Camera. (0.46 seconds) – For all your photo needs…. Point and Shoot. Welcome to! Your premiere source for brand name cameras and camera supplies. … D70 Digital SLR Camera (Lens sold separately). … – 27k – Feb 2, 2005 – Cached – Similar pages

Ripples: post-corporate adventures: Royal Camera – a study in …… Jan 07, 2005. Royal Camera – a study in deceptive practices. Royal Camera is a star in the firmament of "bait and switch" retailers. … 2005/01/royal_camera_a_.html – 33k – Cached – Similar pages

Camera company is a scam! – MuseCube forums… This company is TCS Photo I think they are also Royal Camera who has an awful rating with the better business bureau. … – 23k – Cached – Similar pages

Rip Off Report:Royal Camera ripoff Bait and Switch Specialists New …Royal Camera ripoff Bait and Switch Specialists New York New York. Company Royal Camera Address: Nationwide, USA Phone Number: Fax: … – 19k – Cached – Similar pages Forum Archive – royalcamera … careful when …… lordsmurf posted 2004 Dec 06 03:25. This has got to be the worst camera store I have ever heard of. … It was swallowed by Ritz camera a couple of years ago. – 27k – Cached – Similar pages

Photography & Digital Camera Forums – royal camera good or scam

It goes on like this for pages and pages. Operations like Royal Scamera can run and stonewall, but they can no longer hide…

Recent Update:

Royalcamera0009Here the Brooklyn storefront
which houses Royal Camera. Would you buy a camera from this store and
expect to have a warranty that meant anything? Click on image to

Thanks to Don Wiss <>

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Update: Three people in the past few days have indicated that they avoided dealing with Royal Camera after viewing my earlier post.

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