The Verio scam continues…

Verio is vying for bottom place in my list of ISPs to do business with.

At one end of the company, they have friendly and helpful technical support people. At the other end of the company, they have people who are marginally employable, or who have no abiility to make decisions. The only thing worse than dealing with them would be being them, and working in such a terrible environment.

To make a long story short, Verio has an automatic and non-cancelable domain renewal system. If you don’t receive their warning email, you are charged for a renewal and they refuse all efforts to cancel. What a fantastic way to do business!

Verio has now employed the services of Avadanian & Adler of Boca Raton, to collect an unauthorized debt that did not pass muster with my credit card company. Avadanian & Adler is an online collection agency whose motto is:
Give us your debtor information and we’ll release the hounds!

Their website was designed by Flying Chimp Media, as if you couldn’t tell.

I feel like I’ve fallen into a Terry Pratchett story…

When a company like Verio is so fixated on collecting unauthorized charges for services that will not be delivered, one has to wonder, who is tending to business? Is there anyone on board who understands the basic requirements of a valid contract?

I am sure there are thousands of competent and caring Verio employees. Why haven’t they put any of them in the billing department?

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  1. Name withheld by request says:

    I wanted to believe that the world was not yet so surreal that anyone would use a motto like that outside of a Terry Pratchett story. Thus, I searched for these people. I have yet to find Avadanian & Adler’s web site, but Flying Chimp’s was easy. They are proud of their work for their satisfied customer. I suspect that the fact their link to the A & A website they built doesn’t work may be an indication of the general quality of their efforts.

  2. AHHH says:

    Hello we have the same problem with the verio/ Avadanian & Adler team. I was wondering what kind of succes you had it making these collection letters go away. We also had an auto renewal and will be charged for one full year.

  3. They gave up after I kept publishing their activities.

    I disputed the credit card charge when it first appeared and kept writing back to the dunning letters with the same standard response: “This is not a legitimate charge. I did not authorize the renewal.”

    After five letters, they went away and there is no mark on my credit report. Hope you can do the same.

  4. u.k. says:

    I paid Verio for one year of webhosting service. It has been well over a year since I had the service (I only used it to learn how to use HTML to create websites), and I recently received a letter from Avadanian & Adler demanding $251.35 for my uncancelled account. When I tried to cancel it, however, I encountered utter incompetence at Verio. No other company with which I have dealt has ever put me through so much trouble trying to cancel a product or service. One thing is certain…I will NEVER use their services again, and I will steer everyone I know who wants to start up a website clear of Verio’s shady business practices.

  5. La Jolla, CA says:


    My experiences mirror all previous comments posted about Verio AND Avadanian & Adler.


  6. David says:


    I just bought a new domain name at Terrible mistake, I can’t change the DNS !!!!! Which means THEY do watever they want with the name. In fact, I bought- the name, but THEY OWN IT !! Since I can’t do anything with it if I want to get another hosting company. VERIO.COM IS A SCAM. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM !!!

  7. Jim Finfera says:

    I do not make it a habit of bad mouthing any company, however, I must warn anyone considering of doing business with Verio to seriously reconsider.

    Regrettably most of my experience with Verio has been as negative as those mentioned in this particular blog. I too just received a letter from Avadanian & Adler, for guess what $251.35 which was also totally baseless, especially since I have not done business with them for over a year and a half.

    Also, to my regret, I used to be a v-agent for Verio. Often I did not get commission for my sales. Verio had a great sales person on their staff who was a very professional service person. The laid her off with minimal notification with a contract on her head preventing her for working in the web field for a year from her layoff date.

    I eventually took my few web customers away from Verio (Verio was doing detremental things to their and my service without prior announcement) and I am now able to give them much better and more reliable service.

    I feel it might be important that those of us hurt by Verio unite ourselves to protect ourselves from them.

    David, I would not be too comfortable because I did not hear from Avadanian & Adler for a while. Hopefully you will not but I am not so sure.

  8. LaVerne Zimmerman says:

    Our company is being bombarded with rude harrassing telephone calls from Avadanian & Adler representatives(foreign speaking with poor English). They would not tell us where they were located. They would not give a name or company name, only demand money be sent to them. They accused each of the employees they spoke with of changing their voices and pretending to be someone else. They have called our CEO/President and left messages for him and have threatened to sue; however, they will not tell us what this is about, provide copies of whatever the charges are that they say we owe, and would not give us the name of the company they worked for or the company they represented. We have been able to track their call and that is how we were able to determine the calls were coming from Avadanian & Adler of Boca Raton, Florida. We have no clue why they are calling! Do they actually brow-beat companies into paying them? Good story for 48 Hours!

  9. Rui says:

    how is that possible?
    are all have registered these domains in verio inc !!

    David says: Verio hosting is great! Just read my article. It is their bean counters who are demented. They slip you one email and if you don’t see it, you are committed to be renewed.

    If you argue with them, you get to experience Avadanian & Adler which is a collection agency whose motto is: Give us your debtor information and we’ll release the hounds!

    My current hosting company, GoDaddy, sends a 90 day email, a 60 day email, and a 30 day email to tell you that your domain registration is up for renewal. They give you plenty of notice.

  10. We have had an identical problem with Verio and Avadanian & Adler. We changed emails during the course of our Verio agreement, so we never received an email notification from Verio about an auto renewal. Never received any notification by U.S. mail from Verio, either; but it seems Avadanian & Adler could find our address to let us know we “owed” $610.33. Worse yet, the credit card Verio had on file had expired, but somehow Verio was able to authorize a charge. Only knew this because of the credit card statement. The credit card company reversed the charge, but now Avadanian & Adler are after us. This has been going on for a year and a half.

  11. thomas campion says:

    I have been getting phone calls from AVADANIAN & ADLER INC. rep Mike Johnson and others. The others don’t speak english very well. Demands to call them back,(I live in NY and they want me to call 651 area code in Boca Raton, Fla.) anyway the person they want hasn’t live at the phone number for over 20 years. Each time they call with a different person on the other end so when you tell then that the person no longer is here, they tell you that “you didn’t tell me”. My next call will be to the FCC for harassment if I get another call..

  12. Jenifer Sheckler says:

    I had my debit card information stolen and that person used Verio. I contacted my bank and they “took” care of it. Apparently all they did was refund me the money, the account with Verio was not canceled. Verio went to A&A who sent me a collections notice. I called that day both companies and refused to let myself be bullied into paying a dime. The person also spent a couple hundred dollars at Sprint. It was strange because the only person to have had recent access to my debit care info was the pizza delivery guy.

  13. Stephanie says:

    I got a letter from Verio saying that they owe me $299.95 from 2006 & that if I don’t claim it they will give it to the state.
    I am trying to figure out if this is real or a scam. Can anyone help me?
    If you have recieved this please let me know.
    Thank you

  14. Rick J says:

    Wow – so I am not alone. Race to the bottom indeed !
    31 days after I did not pay – bang ! to collections – and Avadanian and Adler – where some anti-social pyschopath was extremely violent over the phone with me. I have reason to beleive this person probably at best had a middle school education and was straight out of jail. Had that jailhouse speech pattern. Anyway an antisocial Neanderthal

    Via Verio or Verio has really reached deep into the toilet bowl for this one. A&A are pure, rock bottom slime-balls. Scary that it has gotten this bad

  15. KH says:

    I thought I was simply registering a domain name with this company, and that it would be easy to have a different company host it. I called their tech support to get help with migrating to a different host and waited for 101 MINUTES on hold before hanging up. I tried following instructions in their e-mail, but still couldn’t move to my trusted hosts at I’ve since read the other scam-related e-mail and called my cc company to dispute the charge and block the company. I can’t believe that the WHOIS database linked me to their company to handle domain name registration if they’re so scammy!

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