The Verio scam continues…

Verio is vying for bottom place in my list of ISPs to do business with.

At one end of the company, they have friendly and helpful technical support people. At the other end of the company, they have people who are marginally employable, or who have no abiility to make decisions. The only thing worse than dealing with them would be being them, and working in such a terrible environment.

To make a long story short, Verio has an automatic and non-cancelable domain renewal system. If you don’t receive their warning email, you are charged for a renewal and they refuse all efforts to cancel. What a fantastic way to do business!

Verio has now employed the services of Avadanian & Adler of Boca Raton, to collect an unauthorized debt that did not pass muster with my credit card company. Avadanian & Adler is an online collection agency whose motto is:
Give us your debtor information and we’ll release the hounds!

Their website was designed by Flying Chimp Media, as if you couldn’t tell.

I feel like I’ve fallen into a Terry Pratchett story…

When a company like Verio is so fixated on collecting unauthorized charges for services that will not be delivered, one has to wonder, who is tending to business? Is there anyone on board who understands the basic requirements of a valid contract?

I am sure there are thousands of competent and caring Verio employees. Why haven’t they put any of them in the billing department?

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