Professional Blogging

Almost all of the bloggers I know also are evangelists for blogging, and they write to very high standards. Many are already developing consulting and writing careers from their blogging experience.

As we move forward, we could well adopt the more successful actions of professionals in other fields. No, I don’t mean wearing suits! I mean, we should use business cards to capture someone’s attention when we only have seconds to do our pitch on the power of blogging.

I find that blogs and blogging pop up in almost every conversation I have with new acquaintances. If they start asking questions, I simply give them my new blogging business card and say I’ll be glad to help them learn more, if they will check out my weblog.

A good number of them have become frequent visitors and mention enjoying certain posts when I see them again.

Blogging is still a curiosity here in rural Virginia, because I occasionally overhear someone saying, "He’s one of those bloggers, you know!" Hey, I’ll take favorable publicity any way I can get it!

Starting this week, I’ll mention my upcoming book and tell them they can preview it on my weblog.

There is an old saying: If you’re going to do something, do it to professional standards.  Yes, I am one of the pajamahedin, and proud of it. This new card introduces my work to non-blogging strangers and never fails to start a discussion.


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