Post-corporate existence – part 5 – the upside

The upside to entering post-corporate life is that your creative talents will finally be unleashed to their fullest extent. You will begin to see immediate results for every action, however small. If you rise to the challenge, you can experience more creative freedom than you ever imagined.

I am not saying it will be easy.

I am saying that you may find it to be the best thing that ever happened to you.

You will find out more about your capabilities and weaknesses than you ever imagined. If you capitalize on your strengths and correct your weakness, you will emerge from each challenge stronger than before.

You are no longer operating with the corporate safety net, and you may find, to your surprise, that this sharpens your senses and inspires you to achieve goals that you always considered out of reach.

The corporate safety net was an illusion anyway. They persuaded you to stay in line and drink the Kool-aid by holding out the promise of long-term employment and financial rewards. After you were finally broken to the corporate harness, you had nothing new to contribute and were usually pushed aside in favor of fresh talent.

There is nothing personal in this. It is the result of short sighted, short term business goals. Very few corporations are set up to enhance the abilities of their employees. It is cheaper in the short run to bring on new talent that has been trained elsewhere. From that premise, it is a short step to outsourcing work to other countries. You already know where that leads.

What management doesn’t realize is that it is increasingly easy to outsource management tasks. Eventually, stockholders will wake up and realize that the big money is to be made by investing in the foreign corporations directly, so they outsource their investments. Eventually, the foreign company buys out the domestic company.

The future of any nation’s economic growth lies in a healthy and massive infrastructure of small businesses. Most new jobs come from this small business area.

This current shakeout may be part of a much longer cycle where the creation of new industries returns to its roots and we become a nation of efficient small businesses and begin the cycle again.

When you enter the post-corporate world, all of these issues become very visible and real to you. You have become a player in a game where your only barriers are of your own making.

As daunting as this seems, if you are typical of the people I have met who share this post-corporate existence, you will be happier than you have ever been before.


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