The power behind Harry Potter

The Harry Potter phenomenon continues to baffle those who would set
themselves up as our protectors. I refer, of course, to those religious
zealots who seek profit in saving us from exposure to the world of
wonder that J.K. Rowling has created for us.

What these modern day "witch hunters" fail to realize is that
J.K.Rowling is drawing upon an ancient power that changes lives and
entire civilizations. Truth!

It is truth itself that makes the Harry Potter books an irresistable force.

Harry Potter may delight us with his abilities and magical
paraphernalia, but that’s not why we read every word and eagerly wait
for the next book. I say this confidently because there are a thousand
fantasy adventure stories with magical artifacts of all kinds and
heroes and heroines with great charm, but they rarely capture our
hearts and minds.

What gives Harry Potter such power over us is that the stories reflect what we know to be true.

Harry, and his friends, force themselves to stand up to evil, even when
it scares them silly. They live in a world that many of us recognize,
where well-meaning adults or people in power do not always recognize

This is a world where children have to make hard decisions in spite
of adult disapproval. Who has not been in the same situation at one

It is only in Disney movies that clueless parents or the bumbling,
friendly doctor comes through in time to save the day. In real life,
they may only show up in time to claim the bodies.

Survival in real life means making the right decisions yourself and
making things go right for yourself and those you love, no matter how
unpopular and difficult is is.

The Harry Potter stories and even the Lemony Snickett stories are
mining the treasure trove of situations that mirror the unpleasant
realities of life and making them palatable enough to read.

The lessons
come through and stick in our minds courtesy of the incredible talents
of J. K. Rowling.

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