Bracing for the storm

It has been cold here, in the low 20’s, for about a week and now we are warned that a major storm is due to strike the Northeast. We, and many of our neighbors, made a run to Charlottesville today to stock up on supplies in case we are snowed in for a few days.

Jan2005Our current accumulation is only deep enough to dress up the view. Here we are with flags flying to celebrate life in a free land where leaders are inaugurated peacefully.

Our two-year-old house is snug and warm, thanks to its insulated windows and weathertight construction. Last year at this time, our kitchen ceiling was open to the sky, courtesy of an ancient oak tree that fell on the house.

Since then, we have removed most of the oaks that towered over the house. They were slowly dying due to the grading that had been done when the house was built. Just a tip, for those who strive to preserve trees when building a home, a six inch increase in the soil depth around a tree can suffocate the roots and kill the tree in about 12 months. Just when you get your new lawn looking good, your shade trees up and die on you.

We’ve been there and done that and now we are hunkered down waiting for snow to start falling.

CatbloggingAs you can see, I have called in reinforcements to keep me company in the long hours of blogging ahead. The three monitor configuration behind them is supported by Synergy and is a real time-saver.

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