Post-Corporate Existence – part 2

My own post-corporate existence began by being thrust into retirement through a Silicon Valley reduction in force. It was a welcome end to an increasingly unreal existence as the project manager from Hell.

From my first post, Another Lifetime Hobby of the Month, this blog has been an effort to perserve for posterity some of the things I had discovered from my corporate life. I had no commercial aspirations for it. The acknowledgement of my observations was all that I needed.

If an idea took root in someone else’s mind and got passed on, that was reward enough.

Although I continued to think of this blog as a series of essays on life, my perceptive blogging friends had long since put my link in with their business blog links.

It took being nominated for best business inspiration blog award to make me come out of the essayist closet and fully acknowledge that I was a business blogger, of sorts.

That led immediately to the realization that I had no further interest in being part of corporate activity, so how could I be a business blog? A little more reflection and it all fell into place.

My interest lay entirely in the business and lifestyle issues that beset us after we are spun out of corporate life. Reading back through 353 posts spanning 15 months, it was easy to see that despite any artistic pretentions, Ripples had mutated into an ongoing investigation into life and business after a corporate career.

The site may look like an exercise in philosophy and punditry, but the driving interest is in how we can help each other to survive in the years after corporate life. It is both a business blog and a life blog, because life after a corporate career needs to embrace earning a living and finding oneself again.

You might well say that the Ripples mantra is: Get your life back!

Now that Rosa Say has forced me to confront my basic purpose in blogging, I feel compelled to make some changes in the site design to better support an identity as a post-corporate business and life blogger.

By the way, you need to visit her weblog, Talking Story. I hope she inspires a new generation of Hawaiian leaders with her book, Managing with Aloha.

The next post will examine some of the dimensions of  existence.

Stay tuned.


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