The UN – a management disaster


Chris Muir, of Day By Day has captured the essence of the UN mindset in this panel. (click to enlarge)

In most organizations, more people are focused on getting the job done than playing office politics. Even the Mafia understands that purpose is senior to politics… 🙂

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to have more people gaming the system than actually DOING ANYTHING, you can use the United Nations as your shining example.

From Bosnia to Ruwanda to Iraq to the tsunami disaster, the UN has consistently paid more attention to appearances than useful production.

For an on the scene report from insiders in the Foreign Service, you must read the Diplomad. You may see why it has become an essential part of my morning news gathering.

I am glad that the US is finally taking steps to make the UN clean up its act with a resolution asking for Kofi Annan to resign and a bill to cut UN funding if it doesn’t cooperate with the Oil for Food investigation. More here.

It is time for the UN to come clean or shut down.

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