Satisfying work involves challenge

Occasionally you get the chance to do something you’ve not done before and you get a final result that pleases you and your customer. That’s when work is really satisfying.

Not all jobs provide challenging opportunities, but it’s possible to find new things to do almost everywhere. The trick is to choose those projects that will give you a chance to learn a new skill. Acquiring a skill is probably more important than just making good money, at least during the earlier parts of your career curve.

Carousel516aSeeking and handling challenges gives us great opportunities for personal and professional growth. Challenges can be found everywhere when we work for ourselves.

Designing a pedestal base for this carousel horse was an engineering and a woodworking challenge. It had to be done right and yet stay within budget. It required several iterations before the base size was finally resolved, but the results pleased everyone involved.

I thought it would take a 30 inch base to stably support the horse, but we came in with a 16 inch base that that did the job and showed  better proportions.

For a full description of the project and more pictures, check out Indulge your taste for the unusual on my Box-Carts site.

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