Blogging will continue until morale improves…

As we slide inexorably into the final rounds of the holiday season, it’s time to take a last distracted look for the resolutions we made just a few months ago in early January.

I would do that right now, if I could only locate my notes under the clutter that covers every flat surface in my office. As I have mentioned before, neatness is not one of my primary virtues. It is what I do when I have free time. Enough said.

Anyway, back to the future, which is what resolutions are all about.

At the beginning of the year, I wrote out some ideal scenes which are resolutions designed to act as self-fulfilling prophecies. They align our intentions so that things happen as we intend them to.

I described how we would be living and working this year and worked to make it all happen. Most of what I wrote came true. Any shortcomings occurred when I failed to take someone else’s viewpoint into account.

For example, working for someone and doubling their business income (I did that) only works if the person is able to live with the increased activity and delegation that such an increase entails.

I covered this possibility in my earlier post on ideal scenes, as our fondest wishes for the future may not be aligned with what others want.  ( What they say they want and need, may not be what they can stand!)

The things that did work out well for me were those intentions that
were clearly laid out, and aligned, at the beginning of the year. I
found new sources of income. I was able to write about politics, and
business practices, and life in way that made sense to more people than
before. I found new friends, online and off.

The most satisfying achievement of all was working with Gretchen on
a micro-business consulting situation. We have many complementary
skills and our communication level and mutual trust allows us to handle
almost any situation with style and grace, or at least humor. Working
together solving problems is one of the great satisfactions of our life

My most personally satisfying win was the realization that blogging
has developed my skill as a writer and has expanded my interest in many
areas of life. It has given me a more philosophical view of events and
a deeper appreciation for more diverse points of view.

I regularly visit the sites of online friends occupying many points
on the political, artistic, and technological spectrums. They all have
unique values to contribute. There are enough viewpoints that we hold
in common for us to carry on conversations.  It is our common goals and
not our differences that will hopefully allow us to work through issues
and come out the other side in a better shape to face the oncoming

Open communication is a universal solvent. Blogging is a one of the
best available methods for communicating about social issues.

Blogging must continue until morale improves…

Have a great weekend!

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