Getting our national priorities straight

As a nation, we have many ongoing problems to solve in the next four years and beyond. Our assignment of priorities will have an irrevocable effect on our lives and the lives of our children.

We can set environmental concerns, global warming, pollution, preserving wetlands, snail darters and bunnies as our top national priority or we can put out the terrorist fires that are breaking out all over the world first. I am a nature lover and feed deer in my back yard every day, but my attention is on the world scene and the ignorance that supports the growing threat of creeping terrorism.

There are those who choose to ignore that we are in a war for our very existence as a nation and prefer to focus on the fact that environmental issues are not being given the priority that they could be. They do not seem to understand that ignoring or appeasing terrorists is not an option. If we do not ensure the security of our country first, there will be no opportunity to protect our natural resources.

There are those who have conveniently forgotten about the events of 9-11 and insist, as Michael Moore does, “There is no terrorist threat!” How blind and self-serving can they be?

People who remain oblivious to the threats to our way of life are bent and determined on reenacting the sinking of the Titanic. They will be rearranging deck chairs as the ship goes down instead of recognizing that terrorists are like icebergs, most of the problem is hidden where you can’t see it.

Ignoring the realities of the current international scene to carp about the government ignoring some pet project is like allowing the ship of state to sink while we fuss with polishing the brasswork.

As far as pacificism is concerned, turning the other cheek does not work for terrorists, wife beaters, sociopaths, or bullies. The high-minded churchmen who put their names to pacifist rants against the current administration would be better occupied to go into the nearest inner city and practice what they preach. Let them spend a month on the streets and then share their findings.

We have a dedicated force of insane killers attempting to undermine our way of life. We can twiddle our thumbs and agonize about the unfairness of it all, or we can set things right so we and our children will be able to build a better America.

Kerry wishes to work with those who were bribed by Saddam’s oil for food money (France, Russia, Kofi Annan of the UN). He has embraced every side of every issue and his position changes as he meets opposition. His voting record as a Senator says more about his performance than anything I could add.

Bush has had the courage to hold firm and as a result, Iraqis will be holding elections in a few months. I’ll put my money on the man who has actually demonstrates that he will follow through on his promises, no matter how difficult that is.

Defending ourselves from the insanity of Islamic terrorism requires hard work and patience. Get that done and we have the time to clean up our environment. Fail to do so and we won’t be in a position to worry about our environment.

You either recognize that terrorism is a threat or you don’t. Vote accordingly.

UPDATE: Laughing Wolf lays it out more eloquently, Remember that it is much more than a vote for an ephemeral party or candidate, for it is literally a vote for your philosophical and practical future.

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