Blinx – a new tool for bloggers and other writers

Have you ever written a post and gotten the uncomfortable feeling that you might have covered the same subject before? Have you ever found yourself with hundreds of manuscripts and wondered if you had used the same plot device or turn of phrase before? Worse yet, you might be in the position of having stashed away several versions of a scene in various directories and can’t recall where they are now.

You might take the time to check out the capabilities of Blinkx. It’s a free search engine that will simplify the task of writing posts for your blog, and could revolutionize the task of organizing material in a novel. It provides a fast and sophisticated search of local documents on your hard drive, your email, newsfeeds, weblogs, video clips and more.

According to the Blinkx website, it is not designed to replace current search engines like Google or Yahoo, but is a completely new way to use information on the internet.

It has a slick little toolbar that floats in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and gives you immediate results from these different sources. It works with Google or with other search engines and it has to be experienced to be believed.

Blinkx is growing rapidly. Since its low-key launch at the end of July, some 800,000 people have downloaded the technology. Hundreds of thousands more are probably using it after downloading Blinkx from other websites or from CDs cover-mounted on magazines.

Kathy Rittweger, Blinkx’s founder feels that technology should take care of all the key words and be able to bring all the information to us before we ask. Says Rittweger, “This is about technology serving us.”

I just started using Blinkx today and find it to be the most useful tool in my blogging toolkit since Fred First introduced me to Note Tab Pro.

It also has a results visualizer that provides a picture of the information sources found on the web.

Thanks to Om Malik on Broadband for the original link to Blinkx.

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