WordCount™ – artistic presentation of information

Here is is a challenge for you literate bloggers. How long will it take you to come up with a word that is not one of the 86,800 most frequently used words in the English language?

You can test your vocabulary using the elegantly designed interface to Wordcount™.

It took me about 7 tries before I found a word that the system did not have on file. Aferwards, I thought I might exceed the limits more quickly by entering slang terms or some of George Carlin’s “Seven Dirty Words.” Such is not the case, as they are among the most commonly used words in our language.

Using Wordcount could be addictive. The longer I played with it, the more insights I gained about our language and my vocabulary.

WordCount is an artistic experiment that presents the 86,800 most frequently used (British) English words, ranked in order of commonality. You can enter your choice of word or you can enter a ranking. Either choice will reveal new information about the language you use to communicate.

WordCount was designed and developed by Jonathan Harris of Number27, in conjunction with the FABRICA studio of Italy. It recently won AIGA’s (American Institute of Graphic Arts) 2003 Award for Information Design. More about this creation.

I would be most interested in what you discover from using this application.

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