Institutionalized hatred – a losing proposition

Hatred is a last-ditch effort to drive away and destroy that which is about to overcome one.

It is an effort to appear so formidible that the enemy will go away, but it is a sure sign of a group or individual who knows that they cannot prevail.

Only the brave and confident can grant some understanding to opposition forces. They will get angry and take action to right things they perceive as wrong, but they stop short of wholesale slaughter. They are still able to distinguish between enemy combatants and those who are harmless bystanders.

Those who know their ways are doomed have nothing to lose. They have determined that all others are enemies and deserve not the smallest mercy. They teach their children that certain others are their sworn enemies and as a result create a culture of psychotic killers who are hunted down and destroyed most others on this planet.

The institutions that foster this kind of hatred can be found in almost every nation in the world. They are run by people who are absolutely terrified by the prospect of “their” people consorting with the “enemy”. They can be business interests, religions, or merely outcasts.

The hate-mongers know for a fact that “their” people, if they get to know the “enemy”, may become more like them, because the enemy population (infidels) has more freedom and ability and generally shows it.

After a while, some of their most intelligent people find out that the “enemy” is not what they have been taught and the fabric of the hate group starts to unravel. This institutionalized hatred does not stop the reach for personal freedom, it only acts to delay it.

The United States, which for all of its faults offers the most opportunity and personal freedom of any nation on earth, has become a major target for institutionalized hatred.

Our jeans-clad population with its seemingly care-free lifestyle, upward mobility for men and women, plus unlimited freedom to create, is a terrible threat to any totalitarian leader. We don’t dehumanize man or women as a rule, we offer opportunity to those who excel regardless of race, and immigrants figure highly in our nation’s political system.

We are a ticking time bomb for those repress their own people. Our TV programs, shallow as they can be, show a world of possibilities and physical beauty that repressed people can only imagine. Our young entertainers, cavorting on the TV screens of the world, are wreaking havoc on the peace of mind of mad mullahs everywhere.

So be it.

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