It’s deja vu all over again…

Deja-Vu-againThe recent tropical weather slows life down to a lazy amble here in the rolling hills of Virginia. This scene is reminiscent of a picture I posted last year, when I first began blogging.

It takes a real effort to work outside in this dogbreath weather, but evening eventually comes and brings cooler breezes with it.

When I go out to barbecue steaks for supper, our back lawn is usually filled with grazing deer. They look up with idle curiosity as we bustle about, but calmly begin grazing again within a few moments.

There is something about this time of year that brings the deer out during broad daylight and makes them indifferent to our comings and goings. At other times of year, they show up only when the sun is down and seem nervous at the sight of any human.

We are seeing newborn fawns again and this makes for great entertainment. The fawns don’t know the rules for proper deer behavior and they cheerfully approach everyone they see, including us. We watch them skitter crazily around older deer, setting off snorts of disgust from some of their grumpier elders.

Father-figure Their mothers generally protect them from older deer who may attack them, but occasionally you will see a tender scene like this. The fawn is touching noses with a full-grown buck, as if to say, “Are you my Father?”

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