Still here…just changing ISPs again

I haven’t been blogging for a few days because I finally succumbed to the blandishments of Adelphia and signed up for cable access to the internet.

I am very glad I did. Cable access appears to be approximately twice as fast as DSL in this location, and at this time.

The only downside, and there always is one, is that my router is proving to be intractable and will not recognize the new modem. This means that for the time being, only one of our household computers will be able to enjoy the blazing speed of our new cable connection!

In addition, the router is now in a complete snit about being pushed and shoved into a forced introduction with the new modem. It has decided that it won’t work with any modem at all and has gone on a long tea-break. Thankyouverymuch!

So, we have one computer surfing at breakneck speed and the others are sitting at home idly twiddling their Ethernet connections. To preserve domestic tranquility, I have given Gretchen the working internet connection, since I am in the shop much of the time.

I cannot find the documentation for this router, since my office filing is what my wife calls non-functional which is a polite way of calling it a shambles, so I will have to get very bright and figure out a work-around to get all of the computers back on-line as soon as possible.

Being off-line for any length of time plays hob with my blogging and my on-line ordering of supplies. It is a shock to realize how my computer use has transformed from stand-alone mode a few years ago to almost complete on-line use of the computer.

Hopefully, I will be able to sooth the router tomorrow so it resumes its former state of usefullness. Otherwise, it will be pitched into the dumpster and I will be off to Staples for a new one.

Hope you will all have a great weekend.

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  1. CandyMan says:

    Good Luck on the router but from prior experience of a friend that switched to Adelphia and the advice of a friend that works customer support at an Adelphia call center, that router may never work for you. I’d call up Adelphia and find out their suggestions for equipment that works. Hopefully they will be helpful this way but officially, they don’t support routers & firewalls.

  2. fletch says:

    I went thru similar gyrations with a recent move (not using Adelphia). Mine started working when I powered up the router and modem in a particular order. I’m sure you’ve tried those type antics though. Best of luck.

  3. Marie says:

    I am positive that life is good in your house so long as Gretchen gets the computer goods. You are such a gentleman and I’m sure she appreciates it 😉

  4. susan says:

    “I cannot find the documentation for this router, since my office filing is what my wife calls non-functional which is a polite way of calling it a shambles,”

    Uh, how does this fit in with your micro-business suggestion series which I find extremely useful and organized?

    Just teasin’ya!

  5. Susan, this brings up a point which I barely touched upon in my post. I was taught the following: first handle the traffic and the customers by any means possible, then organize.

    In a very small company, this means that there are periods of apparent chaos followed by short periods when order is maintained.

    As the company gets larger, one can afford to hire someone who keeps things filed and maintains order.

    I said: You achieve improvement by getting your work done however you can (coping) while keeping your eyes open for opportunities to organize.

    This can be difficult in a one-man-band organization, because business cycles often come in a rush and you are quickly surrounded with piles of notes and printouts that you have no time or place to file.

    I am just coming out of a long cycle of coping while handling a rush of business activity. I added some part-time staff to handle the workload and am building a set of organizers which have already helped to bring order out of the recent chaos.

    We have had chaos for several months. I expect we will see a semblance of order for several months before we get overwhelmed by business again.

    Incidently, I managed to find the CD that came with the router. It contained instructions for reprogramming the router. Once I did this, I was able to put our entire local network on Adelphia with no problem.

    By the way, for those who have home networks, I did not have to get a static IP address. The four-computer network works fine through a four-port Linksys router into a Motorola cable modem where the IP address in assigned dynamically. This is the lowest-cost service. No small-business options were required.

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