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Lee Chapman, our Tokio Tokyo correspondent and bemused Master of English, reports on cool clothing from Japan that would come in very handy during Virginia’s dog-breath weather.

(Mind not fully functional yet. Still half-awake. Will try to do better.)

Lloyd Lemons, ghost writer at large in Florida, is writing a book about micro-businesses. If you haven’t had your 15 minutes of fame yet, he is looking for people to interview on the subject of their history with micro-business success and failure.

Life is not all business and Beth, a day-trading Floridian, shows it is possible to have a life and a business. Her description of an evening walk in the Florida Panhandle is another of her lyrical accounts of everyday life. Visiting her blog is like turning off the world and visiting a place where time pays out at a more leisurely pace.

Ross, in West LA, spins out a refresing mix of business quotes, articles, and opinions to help you Strategize. My personal favorite? This quote from Tom Peters:

Do Cool Shit
Every Damn Day
Or Die Trying

Dane Carlson at Business Opportunities Weblog captures an amazing number of business-related quotes I haven’t seen elsewhere. This post about entrepreneurs is well worth bookmarking.

Meanwhile, in the hills of Southern Virginia, Fred First has lost his fizz. He should probably check out Lee Chapman’s blog and find out where he can get one of those cool Japanese jackets.

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