Life without the internet

Life without an internet connection is the pits. The internet provides me with so much daily inflow and outflow that it is a major part of my social communication activity. When access is interrupted for any length of time, it significantly affects my quality of life.
We have been without telephone or DSL service for two days. We first noticed it after some grading was done in the back yard.

I don’t mind the phone being out because we have cell phones, but I began to feel email and blogging withdrawal symptoms after the first eight hours. After two days without an internet connection, I feel numb and slightly retarded.

The worst feeling came when I realized that my only source of news was TV and newspapers. After months of daily news filtered through bloggers, I have been spoiled completely.

It was so bad that I went without watching TV news rather than subject myself to the covertly hostile gossip that passes for news on mass media. After a short while, I lost interest in TV entirely.

Fortunately for our sanity, Sprint came through in first class style. They sent out a technician this morning and he discovered that our phone service takes a detour through the back yard and the cable was buried only a few inches below the surface.

I don’t know how I missed taking us off line long before this, as we have been planting bushes all along the route where the cable is buried.

I am very glad to be back on line. Regular blogging will resume shortly.

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