Chernobyl Biker has her own domain

Elena has a new domain: It is faster, has new photographs like the one below, and some new text. It appears that she may be doing more updates in the future.
prometeus.jpgThis statue of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods was moved from the center of town to the nuclear power plant after the accident. It would seem to be a fitting memorial to the danger of unleashing unknown powers.

See my earlier posts, here, here, and here for more information about this intrepid young woman and her amazing photojournal.

It is not every day that you get to experience a post-apocalyptic journey through a Ukrainian nuclear wasteland. Even from halfway around the world, I find her images chilling.

Thanks to the Commissar for the update.

For those of you who wish to write to Elena, here is her contact address:
Ukraine 03187 Kiev-187 Zabolotnogo 20/A Post Box 25 Elena

UPDATE:  Now you can tour Chernobyl and write your own story.

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