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lighthouse Spring has been delayed again. There have been too many days of chill-to-the-bone rainy weather. It was with great delight, therefore, that I discovered an unexpected treasure in my list of blogs: Everyday Matters.

Danny Gregory, a gifted artist and writer, has created a site splashed with singing colors, sparkling ideas, and expressive content. He is one of those rare people who is a fount of creativity and encourages creativity in others.

I truly enjoy his unfettered way of expressing himself. Like this:

I also love architects’ plans, those perfect sketches, wonderfully strange lettering, elevations and notes and marginalia. You can feel the ideas unfolding. And skritchy scratchy dip pens like the ones Ralph Steadman uses, spraying inkblots all over the words.

and this:

My mum taught me to appreciate paper early. To riffle through blank journals and pinch the sheets between my finger pads. To consider pulp and fiber. To notice how a pen flows smoothly here while it bucks and protests there. Since, I’ve met and felt quite intensely about so many different papers.

To get an idea of his drive to inspire others, you should read his post, “But I don’t have time to draw”, which starts like this:

Draw lunch as you eat it : 1 drawing
Draw the news as you watch it: 4 drawings
Skip 1 sitcom: 3 drawings
Skip 1 basketball game: 11 drawings
Overtime: 2 drawings
Draw in the locker room at the gym: 2 drawings
Draw the coffeemaker while you wait for the coffee to perk: 1 drawing
Draw in line at the supermarket: 1 drawing

If your life needs a little rejuvenation, art may be the answer. Browse Danny Gregory’s weblog and give yourself a lift. You won’t regret it.

If you like what you see, you can dig further. He has written three books and manages an online discussion group. As I said, this site is a treasure. You could find yourself revitalized after visiting it a few times. This site is packed with more inspirational ideas than you can absorb in a single pass.

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