Floyd Christmas Party is finally held in May

Host and Hostess
Our good friends Fred and Ann First had a dickens of a time trying to hold a Christmas party last year. Floyd had epic snowfalls on the dates and alternate dates they selected, so they finally decided to hold the Christmas party when there would be no chance of being snowed out.

Good Friends
So, last Saturday, on May 15th, we all trooped over to the First's home on Goose Creek Run and celebrated with a potluck dinner, great music and hours of happy conversation.

Kitchen Helpers

Fred and Ann made us all feel at home and we partied until the clouds opened up and rain began falling. It was one of the most enjoyable parties we have attended at their house. The food was fantastic and there was plenty for everyone.You can see from these images that we had a great time.

Table of Plenty

Dining Al Fresco

New Baby

Music was provided by Andrea Marshall, Jenny Traynham, and and Rusty May.


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