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How much government can we afford?

With all of the discussion of public sector pay vs private sector pay and the retirement benefits of government workers vs private citizens, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that government employees are a cost which is … Continue reading

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How bad was the drifting snow today?

You can get an idea of the difficulties facing drivers when you see people driving an ATV to get to the food market. Continue reading

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In Floyd County, you never know who is going to offer help when you need it

As I get older, I really appreciate the help I get from my friends. I'm pretty handy with computers and cameras and technical stuff, but firewood presents a challenge that is best met with the aid of extra helping hands. … Continue reading

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If you own a pellet stove, you need to know Josh Muncy

A pellet stove is one of the most sophisticated wood-burning devices I have ever run across. It provides even heat under thermostatic control and you only load it once a day even in the coldest weather. That's the good part … Continue reading

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