Elena revisits Chernobyl – again

In my earlier post, Revisiting Hell, I introduced you to Elena, the Russian biker, who rode through Chernobyl on a motorcycle and took some quietly chilling pictures of a place where time stopped 18 years ago.


She has returned to Chernobyl again and has updated her photojournal with additional pictures and text. She tells a compelling story with occasional touches of dark humor in her eloquent broken English.

Do not miss this update. It contains a close-up shot of the reactor which turned the whole region into a dead zone which will might last for an estimated 900 years.

Many thanks to the Commissar for spotting her return. Visit his site for more comments and for URLs of mirror sites. Elena’s photojournal has generated so much interest that the original site is occasionally slow to download.

Bloggers are an amazing community. Elena’s return was originally spotted on 3/4/04 by Jessica’s Well, the Community Web Log on Media, Government, and Politics in Midland, Texas. I missed that point when I first read the Commissars post. You owe it to yourselves to visit this two year old site and meet a perceptive and entertaining group of bloggers. Their mix of local and global viewpoints offers an interesting glimpse of the potential for bloggers to exert influence.

UPDATE:  Now you can tour Chernobyl and write your own story.

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