Mobe Mania/Cellphone Deprivation – an internet legend in the making?

You never know what you will find in the Register, the United Kingdom’s outrageous IT news site. This tantalizing story appeared on March 29:

A crazed 14-year-old girl from Hong Kong had to be subdued by police with pepper spray, after she attacked her dear old ma with a knife and wooden pole and chased her around their flat. This must rate as the Godzilla of all teen strops.

The mother had – clearly ill-advisedly – decided to confiscate her daughter’s mobile phone. She ended up barricaded in her bedroom for her trouble, with the frenzied adolescent hacking at the door a la Jack Nicholson. Mercifully, the authorities intervened at that point.

I could not find any other mention of this via Google, so I am offering it as entertainment only. Lester Haines has written many legitimate news stories, so this incident may be a harbinger of a vast, all-consuming wave of cell-phone addictions to come.

By next week, certain psychiatrists may be salivating at the chance to make a name for themselves, and pharmacutical marketing types may be drafting copy for the next generation of mood-altering drugs, “PHONOVER for those times when you can’t stay connected!”

Read the rest on Mobe-deprived teen attacks mother with knife. By Lester Haines.

You’ll have to decide this one for yourselves.

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