What doesn’t kill you…

Personal attacks by anonymous trolls are upsetting, but there is a bright side to everything in this world. Such attacks, no matter how vile and unfounded, provide an immense amount of new source data for your blog. This kind of attack will put an end to the most terminal case of beal.

A fellow who prefers to be known as notGeorge has come under attack by an anonymous supporter of his political opponent. I have seen political attacks, but this one sets some kind of a record for slime content. Local elections make the presidential campaign look positively genteel.

The Sassy Lawyer writes: Amid the local elections in a small Texas town, the personal attacks against a lawyer-blogger running for the public prosecutor’s office have spilled over to the internet and into the blogging community. Blog entries have become contentious issues in a small town election. See the rest of her post here.

What is interesting to this observer is watching notGeorge rise to the occasion. This kind of adversity shows the character and strength of the man like nothing else. He will prevail. Of that I am sure.

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