Is there life in the fast food workplace?

I have written many posts on finding work and on starting out on your own, but I am always inspired to write more when I visit Curt Rosengren’s weblog. His unwearying enthusiasm for occupational adventure seems to energize my thinking.

His recent provocative post has to do with a developing a passion for work in jobs that are just inherently menial and uninspiring. I had never given this any thought before. I wasn’t even sure it was possible. Now I know differently.

His post introduced me to Kathleen Williams, a management consultant to the fast food industry who is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Kathleen shows how leadership is the key determinant in making a menial job worth doing well. She identified five things that every employee needs from a leader in order to bring passion and commitment to their jobs.

Kathleen has this telling statement at the entrance to her consulting site:

As a Senior Executive you know exactly where you want your organization to go.

The problem is, that when you look around, no one else seems to have the same passion that you do…

She shows that there is a way to inspire passion in any job. It is not rocket science and it is being done every day.

You knew, of course, that there had to be a catch. Well there is. All it takes is the right kind of leadership.

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  1. oldcatman says:

    When I moved to Reno (I was in my early 50’s) I found that the job market looked at me as too old or over qualified for non management jobs in my field. I ended up working in a major drug company distribution warehouse. I was one of 150 temps that they used….all earning minimum wage. With my innate work ethic, I ignored the pay & the “trained monkey” job and excelled. They down sized, and I was 1 of 3 temps. that remained. In hard times you have to put your “ego” aside and do what you have to do to survive.

  2. ace says:

    She likes to get her hands dirty? She doesnt see anyone else with the same passion? Because she’s the manager! *sigh* ignorance….i used to work in fast food the managers always seem to think they are always right. But they are WRONG

  3. Ace, you missed the point of my post.

    If you had read it and the links, you would have seen that Kathleen Williams is a consultant who worked as an employee in the fast food business so she could see what was really going on.

    She points out that the solution requires managers who exhibit leadership. She observed the same stupidity that you did, but she was in a position to recommend solutions for it. Whether the company adopted her suggestions is another story entirely.

    She was not part of the problem. She was there to do something about it.

    Don’t let the painful experiences of your past cause you to jump to unwarranted conclusions.

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