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Vast campuses of shining white buildings stand empty like abandoned temples of technology waiting for new throngs of believers. Their mirror-glass windows reflect immaculate lawns and fountain, surrounded by vacant parking lots.
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These buildings and grounds are so beautiful and so carefully maintained that I felt like a visitor to an ancient site. Although these are modern buildings, the intense blue sky and the white structures even brought to mind the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion.

I am indebted to a security guard named Olga for the opportunity to take pictures of this campus. After challenging me as to why I was there, she allowed me to take pictures and even suggested viewpoints that showed off the surging fountains at the entrance.
After shooting pictures, I spent a few moments absorbing the emotions and mental images that still pervade this site. I do not know what company filled these buildings and imbued them with life, but it must have been a fast and furious time.

Unlike the abandoned factories of my native New England, whose broken windows and grimy walls still ring with echos of sadness and failure, these grounds still reverberate with with excitement and conflict, like a elaborately staged, but flawed, performance that folded after the first reviews came in.

There are many more empty buildings scattered across this valley. Let us hope that a new wave of opportunity washes through here and fills these abandoned structures with purpose and excitement again.

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  1. fletch says:

    The analogy of corporate office buildings being temples is just absolutely awesome. This post and the previous ones are outstanding. I’m really enjoying reading your perspective on things.

  2. If you’re still going to be around this weekend, we’d love to see you up in Boulder Creek. You certainly picked a great week for weather!

  3. The comparison of the faded grandeur of the supernova that was the dot.com era, with the glory that was the ancient world, is one more reason why David’s blog is a treat for us all. These posts are fantastic.

  4. David says:

    Thanks for the feedback!

    We would love to visit Boulder Creek, but will have to hold that until the next visit.

    I have several more posts that are being held up because I cannot get my laptop on the internet at my current location.

    Please check back on Tuesday for more posts on the state of the Valley and its inhabitants.

  5. Da Goddess says:

    Oddly enough, there are MANY brand new buildings that have NEVER been occupied in various parts of San Diego. For years. So…naturally, they continue to build more instead of less.

  6. David says:


    How interesting. That seems very much like a modern day cargo cult.

    “Wealth came from many people working in new buildings..It is now gone…Must build new buildings to bring people and money back.”

    The Melanesian cargo cults were an interesting phenomenon and merit investigation.


  7. Beth W. says:

    How surreal it must have felt. I appreciate your words and the photos.

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