Republic of Floyd Emporium – many pleasant surprises

ROF Interior

When I first walked in the Republic of Floyd Emporium it seemed like somebody had crossed a Ron Jon Surf Shop with a Trader Joe's and shoehorned it all into a friendly little storefront on Locust St.

ROF exterior

Tom Ryan has created a must-visit shop in the most active area of downtown Floyd. They have at least 51 varieties of beer, tee-shirts unlike anything else in Floyd, quite a few local and imported wines, and they have all sorts of snack goodies including tapenade!

ROF Tapenade

Trying to explain what tapenade is and why we eat it to the good folks at Food Lion was a frustrating experience. We ended up buying our supplies in Cary, NC when visiting family.

We won't have to do that any more because Tom has a few tapenades and will be adding more. He is also willing to consider adding one of the greatest condiments we have found in years, A Taste of Thai Garlic Chili Pepper Sauce.

He has also stocked some of the high quality ginger ales (Reeds)and sparkling juices (Izze) that are had to find elsewhere.

ROF Proprieter

Tom and his staff have created a friendly environment with lots of tasty food and drink offerings. I almost forgot the excellent selection of cards and art reproductions. I think we will find the Republic of Floyd Emporium to be an unusually handy resource for celebrating good times.

Let us hope that the Republic of Floyd has a long and profitable existence.

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  1. Floyd without tapenade? I’m glad to hear that situation was remedied. Whew…

    My son had assured me Floyd was perfect. I asked him if it had a barbershop painted pink (and called “Floyd’s Barbershop”)…he was whelmed.

    I like your sidebar links. You have many that i read, plus a really good Balti. link. I wonder if VA has anything that complete.

    A Baltimore reporter is kind enough to send me his old books on occasion…the “hit list” that he has to review as authors come around. Certainly they are not the kind our very p.c. blue-ish library would ever carry. I doubt Sarah Palin’s tome has ever crossed their threshold (Neuroconservative, who used to have his/her own blog but now posts on Flares into Darkness, told me years ago that a study had shown the ratio of liberals to conservatives in the library biz was 17:1. No surprise there).

    Here’s the website for Flares into Darkness:

    The “yargb” in the address dates from the time they first started and named themselves “Yet Another ReallY Great Blog”. Mostly they began as a group of commenters from Wretchard’s blog.

    May I humbly recommend Wretchard’s site, “The Belmont Club”?

    W. is probably the best analyst and synthesizer I’ve ever read. And his commenters are sharp and knowledgeable.

    He was brought into Pajamas Media when they first started.

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