In defense of engaging layabouts…

In any non-wartime society, there is room for a wide range of personality types. I feel there is a valid argument for the inclusion and support of those who seem, at first blush, to do little to forward the fortunes of the group to which they belong.

While it might seem more efficient if all members of a family are hard-working, dedicated and caring contributors to the common good, a case can be made for those who, like the lilies of the field, toil not and neither do they spin.

There are some engaging layabouts who do nothing but distract us from the more serious matters of the day. Were it not for them, we would be able to spend more time toiling to achieve our goals. I have captured one of them in the midst of his usual languor.

Layabout.jpg As you can see, there is no product whatsoever, but he brings a smile to our lips nonetheless. Perhaps it could be said, “They also serve, who lie sprawled to entertain us.”

Many thanks to Carrie for her photos which inspired this blog.

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