Week-end blog roundup

There are a couple of sites that I have recently discovered. They are well worth visiting.

Commentary that makes sense, unexpectedly refreshing journalistic excursions
Rosenblog is a collection of Left Coast bulletins; news and commentary on global democracy, education, culture and more from Seattle journalist Matt Rosenberg.

I first discovered him when he wrote about Iraq and made sense. His background in investigative reporting seems to make a difference in how he presents his views.

Tasteful site that demands return visits
Ana’s Views of the Northeast is a stunning combination of dramatic images, great copy and the most aesthetic layout I have seen recently.

Totally Refreshing
One of the most engaging new blogs I have seen is Drink This, created by Tall Glass of Milk, a young woman of many interests including the Bill of Rights, the music industry, and NASCAR.
What’s not to like?

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