Plan B

We all know what Plan B means. That’s what you do when Plan A doesn’t work.


My Plan A for winter weather involved bundling up warmly, wearing Uggs on my feet at all times, wearing a hat and gloves, and keeping very busy.

This worked fine for the first two weeks of below-freezing weather, but we are now ending our third week of twenty degree weather and the cold is hampering my production.

It is so cold that I have to wear gloves in the workshop as well as outdoors. Removing the gloves twenty times a day to handle small objects quickly becomes annoying, but going without them in this weather is not an option.

I finally pulled out my trusty fingerless gloves and started wearing them everywhere. They keep my hands warm while allowing me to handle tools and use a keyboard.

I plan on wearing these beauties until the weather turns decently warm again. I don’t care if I look like an nineteenth century newsboy with these gloves on. I can do almost any kind of work while wearing them, including posting items on my weblog.

If you have a similar situation, these gloves are available at REI and other camping supply outlets.

Plan C involves buying tickets to warmer climes.

Another month of this weather and we’ll activate Plan C. Let us hope it doesn’t come to that.

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  1. oldcatman says:

    Been having browser trouble connecting to your site?

    Hard winter all over the US, I think…..can’t remember
    the last day we didn’t have white on the ground or a sub feezing nite!

    Gloves: I finally found the ideal work glove–made by KINCO….they are so well insulated to cold and hot, they have a warning that says, if they catch on fire you might not feel the heat until it is too late!

    Work great in the AM feeding and watering the

  2. Carrie says:

    My Mom swears by the fingerless gloves. In fact, she needs a new pair. She’s not enjoying the cold either. I however love the snow and cold!! But for you and Mom, I’ll wish for warmer climates soon 🙂

  3. Da Goddess says:

    “G”?? Are those Gretchen’s, perchance?

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