All good things come to an end

Final-13.JPGOur roof repair project, twelve days of fun and games in 20 degree weather, is winding down. We celebrated by putting up our weather station again.

We put the final touches on the repair by re-installing Gretchen’s wind speed and direction instrument at the highest point of the roof. It used to be on a free-standing tower which was damaged during hurricane Isabel.

We are pleased at what has been accomplished. The roof is completely shingled and the house is insulated once again. All that is left of the roof repair is the cleaning up of nails and shingle fragments.

The exterior work was completed just in the nick of time. We expect rain and snow tonight, followed by several days of snow and sleet. We should have our Lake Monticello weather page up and running again shortly. I will put a weather link on this site when everything is sorted out.

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We still have the kitchen to finish, so there will be a great clumping of boots and other construction noises for another week at least.

Gretchen will have to close her office door in order to carry on with her telecommuting. Our cats will continue to skulk in dark corners while giving us baleful looks. They and Gretchen have had enough of this activity.

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