Roof repair update – it’s happening!

Although the temperature has been below freezing for the past two days, there has been accellerated construction activity both inside and outside our house.

Sunday morning, the ceiling of our kitchen looked like this. Notice that the top of the roof is open.


By Monday evening, half of the roof had been covered with shingles, recessed lights and a new ceiling had been installed in the kitchen, and we got our first view through the new skylight.
We are still eating in an improvised dining area in the living room and the kitchen floor is covered in plaster dust, but we are willing to overlook these minor inconveniences now that real progress is being made.

There is still more to do, but it looks like the roof repairs should be finished by this weekend and we may have our kitchen repairs completed soon after that.

One of our most successful actions has been to review progress frequently with the contractor and make sure that adequate tools and supplies are available for each new step in the construction process. As I mentioned before, this contractor seems to be capable of good work but his planning leaves room for improvement.

We will continue to monitor the work and ensure that all barriers to progress are cleared away. This is taking more time than I expected, but the results seem to justify the extra effort. Progress is being made and we know exactly where the project stands every day.

Our next project is to make use of the space left in the 30 cubic yard dumpster, and throw out all items we have not used since we moved in. When the workmen leave, we are going to begin spring cleaning in earnest!

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