Lamestream Media report hundreds protesting health care reform bill at Capitol yesterday


Tea party protesters filled the West Lawn of the Capitol yesterday in a quickly-convened protest against the Obama administration’s health care reform bill. How many people do you see in this photo? Click on the image and count again.

Legacy media had trouble seeing most of the protesters shown above. Either that or their counting skills are as lame as their reporting skills. According to most media reports I have seen, there were only a few thousand at this protest and taxpayers are wildly in favor of Obama's plan for a government takeover of health care.

They must not be talking to the people I know…

For a more complete story see this Pajamas Media article by Charlie Martin.

The original image was uploaded by Patrick Henry

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0 Responses to Lamestream Media report hundreds protesting health care reform bill at Capitol yesterday

  1. Zack says:

    I counted carefully the first hundred. Then I extrapolated and came to only a couple thousand. I have seen larger crowds at concerts locally. I am not seeing the tens of thousands mentioned unless the lawns to each side are even more packed.

    There are professional crowd counters who see groups on the lawn all the time. Sadly I can not find any photos of other rallys for comparison right now. I would think the estimates were probably right though.

    Considering amount of press urging people to go protest it is a pretty small turnout.

    The immigration rally was supposedly much larger according to bloggers on the ground.

    But both are hardly a drop in a bucket compared to the 60 million Americans without health coverage.

  2. Zack says:

    Some comparison photos concerts there has substantial crowding to the sides and onto the steps but crowd can reach 300k

    Also the inauguration of Obama (note this is already past the lake towards the monument.) I am not finding a good medium sized crowd for comparison.

  3. Zack says:

    National review has some good photos. Shows the crowd is somewhat loosely packed but has some photos where there are more people on the green than the photo you used.

    The reporter says the number was more than the 1k NBC said and less than the 20k the Tea party claimed. I think those are safe bounds. Really hard to say where the number were though without good overall picture. My guess is 2k in your photo with maybe 7k at the peak in photos from NR. Note though there is a lot of room in the crowd. Not a dense crowd at all.

  4. Yvonne says:

    I don’t know, David, it looks like “hundreds” to me. Crowd counts are difficult to perform…even the D.C. Police have said as much. Having grown up in D.C., however, and having gone to every Vietnam war protest (plus every Persian Gulf war protest and several Iraq war protests), the one thing I can say is that this looks like a small crowd. See those empty streets, walkways and the National Mall? Those areas and more, farther than the eye could see, were as jam-packed with people as the west lawn of the Capitol in the photo.

  5. Yvonne says:

    David: It seems that you decided not to post my comment about the relatively small crowd protesting healthcare reform. Or do I now have to subscribe to the “comment feed” in order to get posted? No matter…my comment was meant mostly for you. You are a very nice person, although our politics and world view are on opposite ends of the spectrum. It is so much more pleasant and productive to focus on positive aspects of individuals, don’t you think?

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