Past, present, or future, what is your attention on?

2006_Janus_Head_(Portland_stone)_at_Kennox_House_length_80_cm If you dwell in the past, documenting it, glorifying it, and celebrating it, you have a wealth of material to work with.

Many people are afraid of losing touch with the past, memories of good times, past glory and all that so there is always a place for those who write lovingly of days gone by, old customs and people who made their mark in history.

There will always be a demand for those who can write about the beautiful sadness of lost dreams and fond memories of old friends. I am sure that photos of country roads with old barns will still be in demand as we enter the 22nd Century.

On the other hand, there are those who keep a close watch on the present and fill every day with motion and immediate results. Carpe diem is more than an abstract idea for them, it is a religion.

These people see governmental corruption, climate change, and financial system meltdowns as a series of snapshots of business opportunities or alternatively as a reason to enjoy what can be enjoyed and take life as it comes.

For these individuals, the beautiful sadness of the past and the uncertainties of the future are of little concern. They run with the motto of "Git 'er done" or "It will all work out somehow!" Either way, they are living each moment to the hilt, regardless of what has happened or will happen.

Some are cursed with attention fixed on the future. No matter how well things have gone or are going, they are always preparing for every possibility that may happen. These people may find little to enjoy in life.

Others spend so much time preparing for the future that they neglect the present as a minor impediment to living a future dream. Their present life may be a shambles as their attention is fixed on achieving a distant dream

Preparing for the future is not a bad thing at all, only when carried to excess.

Attention on the future is what separates successful people from the vast number who wish that things had gone better for them. Having attention on the future involves deferring immediate satisfaction in order to achieve more lasting satisfaction later. The best examples of this are those who study in school or college instead of partying endlessly. They reap the benefits when it comes time to find employment or life partners.

There are benefits to these different ways of looking at life. Possibly the best approach is developing the ability to freely assume these different viewpoints as the need arises.


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