Totally frivolous entertainment

Thanks to Tiger, I found a pop psych quiz that is harmless and entertaining. On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who reads a great deal of significance into test results, you should not even attempt to find out “What Classic Movie Are You?”

This entertaining test is offered for your amusement and may be unreliable. For example, I took the test and answered all questions honestly. This was my result.

As you can see, something just doesn’t add up…Mmmm perhaps I’m hiding something from myself… How could that be…? As I said, this well-done test is for entertainment only…results are not guaranteed.

Take the test for yourself. Who knows, you might get lucky…

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  1. Tiger says:

    How many questions did you opt for, as I agree that such movie does not seem to fit your personality.

  2. Trey says:

    Yikes. Apocalypse Now.

    “You are a rogue wandered on the winding river of life, searching after your shadow self.”

    I was hoping for “nice guy.”

    Thanks for the kind note. I’d be interested in knowing how the instrospection profoundly changed you, why it came only after 40, and what you learned.

  3. David says:

    I had commented on Trey’s 40th birthday by saying, “You may be approaching the most interesting time of life, if your writing is any indication.

    “Before 40, if you are doing reasonably well, there is no time for introspection. After 40, I, like many others, started thinking about the larger scheme of things. This led to profound changes in the course of my life and I am far the better for it.

    I look back twenty-nine years to my 40th birthday and barely recognize the person I was then.”

    At forty, I made the shocking discovery that what I knew about life wasn’t enough to prevent my career and my second marriage from crashing simultaneously.

    I had been running full-tilt through one high-tech job after another, constantly moving up the management ladder, with the expectation that I would, at some point, have time for my family.

    Getting forced out of a company I had helped to found was like being spiritually rebooted. I took a year off to search for answers and found that conventional resources did not address what was wrong with my life. I began studying anew and found a philosophy which has served me well since then.

    I have discovered what is important in my life and I work constantly to strengthen those areas.

  4. bill hopkins says:

    I think the test is fixed. I took it three times – each successive time with more questions. And every one of the times it returned the answer “Apocalypse Now.”

  5. Carrie says:

    ok I did it and thankfully, I got Easy Rider and not Apocalypse Now 🙂 I did the whole 45 questions or however many the maximum offered. Maybe that makes a difference.

  6. Avi Solomon says:

    “Apocalypse Now” & Einstein:)
    A Group of Loners or Birds of a Feather…!

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