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It’s Tuesday, February 12th, and one of the coldest, rainy days you can imagine, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover a new piece of technology, Otter Voice Notes, which will brighten up the lives of my creative friends like … Continue reading

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A handy point and shoot camera for capturing blog images

Some years ago I realized that my camera needs would be satisfied by a reasonably capable point and shoot camera and I discarded my cameras with multiple lenses for this Sony F828 which has been a reliable workhorse for about … Continue reading

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Computers slightly better at identifying sex than climate change

Computer models are often used instead of common sense because computers are faster and cheaper than finding experienced people with good judgment. Unfortunately computers are not much better at determining your sex from your writing than determining climate change from … Continue reading

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30 seconds to find out what’s wrong with you

I was feeling becalmed between the rush of early Spring and the doldrums of Summer and I remembered this uncannily accurate, online, self-diagnosis system. It was just as I feared. I need to change my ways. Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed … Continue reading

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