Getting what you wish for…

For the last few days, Gretchen and I have been saying to each other, “We need to get things moving! What should we change? Then the power and the DSL connection went out.

We did a big withdraw, went shopping, and discussed how we could get all of our issues resolved. That was yesterday.

This morning, while I was working with a service rep at Sprint, the contractors showed up and started tearing a big hole in the roof. While I was being walked through the procedure to reprogram my DSL modem and router, the entire house was rumbling as men on the roof cut a huge hole through the broken sheathing.

In the past few hours, a shower of shingles and tarpaper has fallen into the back yard, we have had meetings in the kitchen to locate the new skylight, Gretchen has been telecommuting, and I have been debugging our home office network. There has not been a minute of quiet. We have been on the phone or working steadily since early this morning.

The pace of our lives has picked up again and we are really enjoying the rush and the clamor. Snow is expected in two or three days and the contractors will have to scramble like mad not to get caught with the roof of the house open to the elements.

Once again, we live in exciting times.
Stay tuned…

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