What do you do, when your DSL goes out?

Jan 11, 2004 8:00am) Take a break and go shopping.

That was our agenda for Sunday as soon as the sun came up. Our power had gone off while I was writing an early morning post and it knocked us off the internet.

We bundled up warmly for the weekly trek into Charlottesville. The temperature was in the low twenties and the Forester registered its complaints at being made to start. The engine barely turned over, but it caught and we made it onto the highway with no delay.

We made a lot of stops, starting with breakfast at the Tip Top Diner in Pantops. We even managed to hit Starbucks, before returning home, ready for another try at fixing the DSL connection.

I spent the rest of the day trying make the DSL connection work after failing to contact Sprint (Their service numbers provide only answering machines until Monday business hours.)

We have a DSL modem and a 8-port router, both with passwords that would not linger work. I could no longer access their settings to see what had happened. Finally, I abandoned my efforts at midnight.

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  1. Zoë C says:

    I panick. I know thats a really stupid thing to do, but im an internet addict, almost everything i do on the pc requires the internet and the things i dont do usually at least once require me to search for something. And because i use it so often mainly for web browsing, talking to my fav online friends and either posting on my blog or creating dolls for my doll site (big doll addict).

    I think the internet is so useful and i dont think i could live very happily without it, but then when i was a child i never really needed it and when i grew up i had all sorts of uses and would really hate to go back. It is a network where you can talk to just about anyone you like, at least anyone rich enough to own a pc. Thats the one thing i think is missing, you get to talk to people of all races, cultures, backgrounds, countries and colours etc (incase anyones wondering ive been told Americans spell color like that we spell it colour here). We get to speak to all these people and yet the people who probably have a most truthful story to tell could never afford a pc, but then again ive never spoken to any of them so i would not know.

    anyhow back to ur point… i dont know what i would do really, when it does happen to me and i think im due a new one, i sit and find time for my art work, writing my latest novel, reading someone elses oldest or newest novel etc… the things the internet usually takes my time from, so i guess when i complain i dont have enough time to live (which i do constantly) i only have myself to blame… ahh screw that its the internets fault ¬_¬

    Nice post David… gotta run to school i will read the above ones later:)

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