New Ideal Scenes – Better Than Resolutions

We have just made our first pass at writing up a new ideal scene for 2004. This is merely a detailed description of what we will be doing in several critical areas of our lives.

This is not an idle exercise for us, because if past performance is any guide, these ideal scene write-ups tend to act like self-fulfilling prophecies. What they do is align our intentions so that things happen as we intend them to.

For those of you who already know that you only get what you intend and work for, this is no big revelation.

But, it does help to be reminded of this data occasionally, so here is the rest of it.

The future of any individual or family can be considered to be the result of all intentions directed by and at that individual or family. Since no one operates in a vacuum, it behooves everyone to organize their lives so they do not build up an inordinant amount of counter-intention against themselves.

If you build your fortune by destroying the environment or by exploiting citizens, customers, employees, etc., your empire will eventually come crashing down when there is enough intention raised in opposition to your progress. The day may come when you have to go into hiding.

You are not going to get agreement in this universe, so you had better concentrate on doing things that promote your survival and the survival of your family, group, company, country, environment, etc. The more areas of life that you take into consideration, the more likely you are to flourish and prosper for a long time.

So, let us look at what you can do to bring about a new and better 2004, if you wish to do so. These are not resolutions. These ideal scenes cover a much wider scope of activity and have a much higher probability of coming true.

Here are a few points that you might wish to observe if you want your ideal scene to occur:

1. Write with all the certainty that you can muster. If you feel that this is a useless exercise, don’t bother wasting your time. Go back to watching TV. Do not write anything that you have doubts about.

This is not a wish list. This is a description of things that need to happen and you are willing to make happen.

2. Write as though it is happening and write those things you know you can do: For example, “I network until I find a new job.”
“We work out a plan to home school our children.”
“I find extra work to pay off my loan.”

3. Do not allow anyone to belittle your ideal scene. If this is a scene that others in the family must share, you must let everyone contribute to the description of this future state that we call an ideal scene. If you can’t get agreement, then you will have to work out an ideal scene for yourself.

4. Be aware that achievement of your ideal scene depends on the intentions of those involved. An ideal scene that involves getting your spouse to give up smoking, or your boss to act more decent, is unlikely to occur unless they participate in the process.

5. Take a look at how your ideal scene will affect others. You may wish to rewrite it so that others will not be negatively impacted when your ideal scene occurs. Otherwise, you may feel guilty which will produce intense counter-intention to your predicted future and can prevent it from happening.

6. If there are known barriers, try not to use conditional statements about overcoming them.
Rather than, “We move to Vermont, if we can find a good home for Lassie, or Grandfather,” write something like, “We work out a way that Lassie, or Grandfather, gets to live where he wants and then we move to Vermont.”

There is a lot more that can be said about this subject, but I think you have the idea by now. If you have any questions, please ask.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year!

UPDATE: If you are working on plans for your career, Curt has some additional ideas.

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