StarSong Art Gallery opens in Floyd, Virginia

For an uplifting experience, treat yourself to a visit to the new StarSong Gallery which features the visionary and uplifting works of multi-talented artists Starroot(aka Ruth Neumann) and Laurelsong Cook Stengl  


Starroot and Laurelsong are opening their StarSong Gallery at the Station on Locust in Floyd, VA. The Grand Opening Reception will be held on Friday, March 5th starting at 5:00pm.

Lighter momentsThe gallery will feature original works and reproductions by both artists. In addition to the works on display, you will have the opportunity to see live performances by the artists when they are in the gallery.

 You will be able to watch Laurelsong working on her latest paintings and will be able to hear Starroot performing her original music.

The StarSong Gallery name represents the collaborative efforts of these two remarkable artists STARroot and LaurelSONG. They are lighthearted and creative people and are a pleasure to meet.

Starroot is a self-taught artist and is also a poet, author and a talented musician. Her dream-based images and healing visions have earned her a devoted following for many years.

Rainbow RhinoI find her recent paintings like Rainbow Rhinoceros to be captivating.

The combination of fanciful animals, ancient symbols, and colorful space ships make each of her paintings a voyage of discovery.

You can see examples of her work on her website and in her book "Amanita Dreams" together with her visionary poetry. Starroot time

She recently released her first art music and art video "Visionquest" and her brand new art book JAM ON MARS is now available at the StarSong gallery.

Starroot's music ranges from world folk spirit songs to ambient alien trance music and kids songs. Her art is replete with good luck symbols from many cultures.

For her complete biography, go to

Laurelsong painting

Laurelsong is not only a talented artist, but is an alternative medicine professional as well. Her painting evoke memories of a tranquil and spiritual existence that is all too rare in today's world and her philosophy is that art can heal our bodies and minds.

She has been painting professionally for 27 years. Her mother taught art in NY and Toronto so she was immersed in the art experience from an early age. She finally decided to be a committed artist in 1983.

When Laurelsong moved to Hawaii, she painted evocative marine scenes of dolphins and native life, then transitioned to farm scenes when she moved back to Floyd. She has transitioned more recently to powerful portraits of people from different cultures and all walks of life.

Her paintings of an aborigine girl, Ghandi and Martin Luther King all communicate important messages. She makes a different statement with each evolution of her art.

Laurelsong closeupHer dolphin paintings were intended to make people want to care for the oceans. Martin Luther King and Ghandi carry a message of peace and tolerance for the views of others. Her painting of native people communicates the richness of different cultures.

 The overarching theme of her work is that we should take care of the planet together.

I have had the good fortune to write about Laurelsong's work before. Our first meeting was at her 2007 exhibition at the Cafe del Sol in Floyd.

The opening of their new gallery adds another reason to stop in and visit the Station at 203 So Locust in Floyd. We wish them well in their new joint venture.

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