It’s time to celebrate…

Another year is winding down and we begin the holiday season with a feast modelled on three days of feasting that took place in Plymouth Plantation in the year 1621. Unlike the early settlers, we are not being joined by ninety indians of the Massasoit tribe. We follow the modern tradition where Grandmother and Grandfather drop in on their children and grandchildren bringing a van load of food and presents. The smoked turkey you see at the top of this post will be just one of the dishes served and will disappear as if by magic.

I want to extend our best wishes to our extended weblog family. Our thoughts are with you, whether you are home with family, on duty protecting our country, or working so that others may have time off. Gretchen and I have gotten to know some you personally and hope to know more of you in the year to come. Your visits cheer me immensely and your comments are greatly appreciated.

Take care of yourselves and I hope that you find the inspiration to build strong relationships with others. If you need a fresh start, may it happen soon. Find a way to keep your exchange in with the world around you and you will be fine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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