It is a beautiful fall morning, filled with sunshine, birdcalls and the sounds of distant construction.

Gretchen is already in her office telecommuting. She sends email to fellow team members all across the country as they prepare for the first conference call of the day.

I am down in the shop, completing the second prototype of a new product line. The doors are open and I am enjoying the fresh air and gentle breeze.

I catch glimpses of our female warrior cat patrolling the yard for interlopers and small prey. She is aptly named Buffy, after Sarah Michelle Geller. All is well with the world.

I have have almost lost myself in the easy rhythm of making wood joints, when I hear Gretchen calling from upstairs, with laughter in her voice.

“You have to come see this!”


After breakfast, when the rest of us went about our daily chores, Sherman slipped back into the warmest spot he knows to catch a few hours of extra sack time. When I last looked, our family slacker was still up there.

He reminds me of the cat in the old Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad ads.

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