On sharpening axes…

I’m cheered by the fact that Fred First has taken time from his storytelling and photography to attend a workshop and drink again from the spring of inspiration. I feel he is setting a good example for us all.

Tucked away in his splendid mountain solitude, he produces multiple daily posts that are well worth reading and shows no signs of slowing down. Even so, he is giving that up for a week and is venturing forth into civilization with wife and dog to renew himself.

Having seen him at work, I am sure he will come back and regale us with stories that are wry, witty, and certainly inspirational.

Go, Fred. We’re waiting for news…..

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  1. fred1 says:

    Hi David and all. I’ve briefly escaped from the work camp and have hidden my chains successfully from the community college librarian that I can enter on this brief post before they discover my deceit. It’s hotter’n south Hades down here and I was awoken this morning by a chorus of Spring — that is SPRING peepers out my window. Whatdaheck’s going on here? Back on Saturday, Dave come by cause everybody else has Lileked on me. Fickle buncha sissies. See ya’ll in a few days. I’ve truly missed you. Really.

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