All life is connected

There was a TV series, “The Visitor”, which developed the theme, “All life is connected.” I truly believe that is so, based on almost seventy years of experience.

There is a mood created by living things and it is as pleasant or unpleasant as those occupying an area. Good vibrations come from healthy happy people, animals, and plants. Keeping them all that way takes work, and more than a little knowledge.

I know how necessary a safe space is to my existence, and for me a safe space is one which encourages personal and spiritual expansion. It is not created by locks and bars, but by exerting good control over the immediate and surrounding environment. That means managing my own actions and encouraging others to work in harmony around me.

It requires ongoing attention, a positive attitude, and a willingness to communicate with anyone and anything. The willingness to communicate is by far the most important factor, as all who share our space either contribute to it or act destructively toward it.

I am very fortunate to have found and married a woman who shares my views about what is important in life and with whom I can communicate freely about any subject. This communication level did not come about over night, we work at it constantly.

An interesting side effect is that open communication raises our awareness of what is going on around us. The state of mind of our cats becomes a subject of interest, and occasionally concern. The health and behavior of the deer and other animals that share our yard becomes a matter of importance. Even the health of the plants in and outside our house are important to us.

As all of the living things in our area do better, so do we.

The work that I do feeding deer and birds is rewarded many fold by the reactions I get from them on a daily basis. What a treat it is to walk out on our deck in the morning and see the upturned faces of our visiting deer. Their attitudes and expressions reflect not fear, but curiosity. This is a safe place, and they know it.

If you would like to see what our deer look like, see my new photo album.

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