End to a perfect Sunday

We returned from Charlottesville just as threatening skies gave way to rain and early darkness. Our 1998 extended Dodge Van, the Box-Cart, was loaded with lumber, groceries and much appreciated presents from a friend.
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We had taken the Box-Cart on this excursion because it is the perfect vehicle for serious shopping. With twelve feet of clear space behind the seats, we can shop until our credit cards redline. I can load several hundred board feet of lumber on board plus corn for the deer and still have room for everything Gretchen buys on our weekly run into town. When this van moves through the Harris Teeter parking lot, it looks like Moby Dick searching for Volkswagens to munch on.

Gretchen had taken took me out for breakfast to celebrate my birthday and we did our usual Atkins Diet thing. I often wonder why I hadn’t started it years ago. Steak and eggs is a great breakfast! All that was missing was my favorite Thai Garlic Chili sauce. Next time I will carry it with me. We enjoy the cheerful bustle of the Tip Top Diner. It gives us the chance to have a companionable chat and be undisturbed while we make plans for the future.

We split our shopping chores so she would be spared the tedium of watching me shop at Lowes. Given the choice of a root canal or accompanying me to Lowes, she might choose the operation. After buying material for next weeks production, I picked her up and we did the standard run through Whole Foods, Bed Bath& Beyond, and Harris Teeter. (When you live out in the country, shopping is a precise drill.)

It had been sunny when we started out, but the cold front moved in while we were shopping. We drove home through the steady rain and hurried through our chores of unloading the van and feeding the cats and deer. Both groups had been waiting for us, faces turned expectantly in our direction.

Fortified with a glass of wine and a snack, I visited one of my favorite weblogs, Switched at Birth. Mary Beth’s Rainy Sunday in the Smokies captured my mood exactly. She has a great way with words.

It is raining harder now and I sit here roaming the net while Gretchen makes dinner and scopes out the weather. She is the weather junkie in the family and tracks storms from the moment they leave the coast of Africa or the coast of Japan. I am content to look at the sky and listen to the wind as that gives me all the data I need. It will rain until morning. Mark my words.

Time to visit some other blogs before she calls me for dinner…

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  1. Clarence says:

    What a coincidence. Is your birthday the 26th of October too? I don’t suppose you are left handed…are you? That would be too much. There you are, living the life I’ve always wanted to live, writing like I’ve always wanted to write, looking like I’ve always wanted to look at my age. I don’t suppose you are 63 years old? Love the cat stories even if I am a dog man myself. Glad I found your Blog.
    Keep it up!

  2. Marjorie says:

    Eating and shopping… sounds like a great day! Hope you had a great birthday!

  3. Mary Beth says:

    That track-back thing you did is so neat! And I really appreciate your making me feel like I helped in a small way to share with you & Gretchen in celebrating your birthday. Breakfast is my favorite meal out. As for Lowes, as long as I can go hang out in the garden section, Buck can sort through screws and lengths of chain all afternoon and I’m happy. (Just say no to root canals!)

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