Mickey G’s Italian Restaurant is a big hit with Floyd diners

Mickey Gs Kitchen

When you walk in to Micky G's, the first thing you see is an immaculate kitchen with highly professional staff turning out authentic Italian dishes. The next thing you notice is that every seat in the place is filled with your neighbors who got there first.

Fortunately, the kitchen and wait staff are true professionals and food keeps coming out of the kitchen on a steady stream of steaming platters. The fragrance makes your mouth water in anticipation of the feast to come. When you finally get seated and your food arrives, you find that it is every bit as good as you imagined. The wait to be seated is soon forgotten.

Gretchen and I have already decided that we are going to eat our way through the menu this year. After we ordered, we spotted our next few choices being delivered to neighboring tables.
The restaurant has been experiencing overflow crowds and it will be a relief for all concerned when warmer weather comes and the outside tables come into play.

Mickey G's Italian Restaurant is located next to the Floyd Fitness Center on Parkview Road. It offers a cheerful ambiance, fantastic food and the prices seem to be pretty reasonable. Check Mickey G's website for menu details. You have to use the links at the top of the menu page to navigate. There is an extensive menu, but the website only shows a page at a time.

For a mouthwatering description of the food and some history of the restaurant's owner, check out Colleen Redman's article, Michael Gucciardo is Back!

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