Which one of these is unlike the other?

  1. The Boogeyman
  2. The Closet Monster
  3. Global Warming
  4. Carbon Dioxide as a Pollutant
  5. Al Gore

Ans: – #5  Al Gore, of course.

He is a tremendously successful businessman who profits by scaring gullible people. As a result he has been awarded an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize.

The others are fictions which are used to scare children and other gullible people. Politicians thrive by using items 3 and 4 to get funding for their friends. Their motto is: "Never let a good hoax go to waste".

– – –

We are sitting here typing while the emergency generator rumbles in the distance and we are expecting even more "global warming" to fall on us in the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, our elected Climatologist-in-Chief and the EPA are putting on a dog and pony show in "Hopenhagen" in hopes of establishing a New World Order based on more tomfoolery and carbon credits.

Way to go, guys! You are all that stands between us and prosperity!

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  1. mattbg says:

    It’s true. In Canada, there are kids in school now who think they are going to burn to death in future if they don’t stop global warming because of what they’re being told by the school system. They are scared of the future. It’s almost like the old fear of being afraid of burning in hellfire if you don’t behave properly 🙂

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