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Which one of these is unlike the other?

The Boogeyman The Closet Monster Global Warming Carbon Dioxide as a Pollutant Al Gore Ans: – #5  Al Gore, of course. He is a tremendously successful businessman who profits by scaring gullible people. As a result he has been awarded … Continue reading

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Computers slightly better at identifying sex than climate change

Computer models are often used instead of common sense because computers are faster and cheaper than finding experienced people with good judgment. Unfortunately computers are not much better at determining your sex from your writing than determining climate change from … Continue reading

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Anthropogenic Global Warming – a modern Piltdown Man hoax?

The "science" of climate change as expressed by non-scientist Al Gore and his adherents seems remarkably similar to an earlier hoax, the famous Piltdown Man "discovered" in 1912. The staging is remarkably similar. Conclusions are/were based on falsified data, people … Continue reading

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Absolutely Compelling Global Warming Video

Grab a cup of coffee and watch this global warming video. It has powerful imagery and was expertly produced for maximum impact. I was unable to tear my attention away from it. This video does not demonize anyone, but gives … Continue reading

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